” We recently fostered/adopted two 5 pound Chihuahuas that we named Bruiser and Spike. We asked to pay the adoption fees,  only to have the founder of the rescue, Karen Nelson, of One Voice Rescue refuse the payment saying that she only wanted them to go to a good home, that’s all….THEN …when it turned out that one of them, Bruiser, needed hernia surgery she even asked to pay half of the bill…along with paying for all the vaccinations, extras, and other licensing!  She said she did not believe in knowingly adopting out a dog still in need in need of medical care.  
She did all this because of the animals welfare ….nothing else, and was only concerned with both of the animals .. she wanted them to go to a good forever home!  She paid all of this out of her OWN POCKET!  THEN …when I said we had to pay something, she suggested that instead of paying her because she doesn’t have her 501(c)3 yet, that if we wanted to, that she’d love for us to donate both of the adoption fees to LOVAR instead…since she knew that we were very picky and they were the only rescue we’ve ever fostered for and she was honored that we trusted One Voice, as well, enough to foster/adopt from her since she knew we weren’t very trusting anymore. 
So here is our first donation for the boys… sorry it’s late but we’ve had unexpected vet bills which Karen even offered to pay half of those!  She’s amazing and a real example of what real rescue is about… just like LOVAR is!  We will be donating once a week and am grateful to be involved with two of the best rescues out there!  It’s crazy that some people say that just because your not a non-profit rescue that your not a REAL rescue!  She has proved that a real rescue isn’t measured by a piece of paper or a tax number but by the integrity, honesty, a loving caring heart and the love of the animals .. thats what a REAL RESCUE is ..  LOVAR AND ONE VOICE although both newer to rescue are BOTH in my opinion exactly what REAL RESCUES ARE all about! T Thank you both for all that you do for the critters and backing up each and every animal that you rescue from beginning to end.  Period! Hugs!  My respect and loyalty always! 
Thank you both, 
The Jones Family.. Jon, Tivvy, Killer, Bruiser, Spike… and all the kitties… “


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