~ We are All One Voice ~

Freinds, Fellow Rescuers, Loved Ones,

I have loved that so many of you, across the Nation of the United States, have joined me in my efforts to try and help as many dogs as I can, even though my efforts save only one or a few at a time, the world and lives of those dogs are changed forever ~ and we all must take stock in that when we take part in helping a beating heart in distress, and at the end of the day, that absolutely means something in this gift of life that we were generously given ourselves.

I began with my boy, “Hank”, the lost bait dog, abused and scarred, infected, pittie that I found digging in the trash for food at the local 7-11 convenience store. I asked several people going in and out of the store if they could help me lift him into my car, and was waved off, frowned at, ignored, and the muttering of a couple about it being a pittie. I continued to try and gain his trust and told him that, “If you come with me, I will make it be ok for you”.

And then one man stepped up. We spoke a bit and he said that he would help me if I were to promise not to take this boy to County facility. We exchanged numbers to keep in touch and then the 2 of us lifted a very nervous Hank into the back of my car… and off we zipped to the veterinarian, who took Hank in immediately for me.

This was my beginning into rescue, and through the help of a handfull of strangers on the internet, and whom, some I have met and gone on to help them with their rescue dogs and organizations over the last 3 years, they helped me in the small ways that would ultimately end up for this happy spirited boy to have his forever home with a beautiful young family in Skagway, Alaska.

Without the efforts of a few strangers believing in me… believing in “Hank”… to help me in giving him a life that he has not known before, perhaps I would have been disillusioned ~ but this did not happen ~ what happened is that “Hank” got the road trip of his life, beginning in Phoenix, Arizona to reach Bellingham, Washington, then hopping the Alaskan Marine Highway for a 4 day ferry ride, to make it into the loving hands of his very own personal forever kid… a 7 day one way trip for a very happy boy!

The journalist for the Skagway Newspaper was waiting with Hank’s new family on his arrival off the ferry, and would interview me and take lots of photos of Hank. A new friend from the internet had been following this adventure and had called ahead to make sure that Hank’s story would make the front page news.

Since, then, even though my efforts are limited only by the limited resources afforded me, I have found such an incredible amount of loving, passionate, determined people across the States, across Arizona, that value the lives of dogs ~ all dogs ~ and move mountains to save their lives and provide them a forever that they all so deserve.

It is such a pleasure to work with you, however I can, to enjoy the help that some of you can offer to the ones that I am able to help. No effort is too small for these babies ~ and I want to thank each and every one of you that stand with me, stand together, stand up for each other…and rise tall, speaking for the lives of the these dogs that have no “voice”, they have no “choice”.

And so, I wanted to share with all of You how I came to the name of my rescue

~ One Voice Dog Rescue ~

It comes from the words of Barry Manilow, on his performance at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert event of 2010,

“If One Person stands up for what he believes in, the rest will follow”

All of you, have been such a stellar example of this statement, time and time again ~ when you have helped me in my efforts ~ when you share, network, pitch in, transport, watch the e-list rosters, foster, rescue, give aid and medical care, donate, give medical suppies, food, chip in for gas, offer sewing/laundry assistance, provide phone and internet work, give advice and emotional support… to so many dogs of different breeds, and situations, that we have all, collectively, hand our hands in changing the lives of thousands of the lost, abused, bait, injured, neglected, sick, tossed away, surrendered and otherwise at-risk dogs. You all are a true testament of what compassion is all about.

This is the song that He sang as this Concert, and how I came to the name of “One Voice Rescue”
Godspeed my friends.
Positivity, Love and Compassion ♡

~ Working Together ~

It is important that we all stand together and support each other’s effort in their determination to help the dogs that they are able to get their hands on to save, while you are working to save the ones in front of you.

No act is considered too small to offer, and so, as One Voice finds itself in the position to help with a few selected Rescue organizations, we try to step up when our resources allow ~ whether that be, running down to County facilities to do a medical/behavioral evaluation on a dog listed to be put down,  providing home checks to potential adopters and fosters,  offering donations as funds are available,  pitching in on medical bills,  transporting in the 5 State area,  helping with bedding, crates and food, dog pools and fans on the hottest of the summer Arizona heat ~ ways to help crop up in the most curious ways, and there are boundless opportunites all around us to offer in some way, small or large.

In turn, these organizations provide a venue for One Voice to show their adoptable dogs at their weekend events across Arizona, as well, providing opportunities for County “pulls” from the weekly roster dogs slated to be euthenized, and allowing their websites and fb pages for additional outsource networking for us.  Until we are able to complete the process of obtaining our 501(c)3 status, certain privileges are not yet available, and we appreciate these gestures.

In the spirit of our mutually beneficial relationships, exemplifying what One Voice is all about,  we give thanks to these Rescue Organizations.

(If you would like to help with monetary donations, but prefer to donate to an organization that has the 501(c)3 status, for the benefit of your tax exemptions, One Voice urges you to consider and reach out to any one of the these reputable Rescue organizations, with the confidence that all funds received go directly into the care of the dogs.   Thank you for any assistance on every level you may offer to any of us.)


Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital and Pet Restort ~ Dr. Jeffrey Jenkins ~ This is the personal Veterniarian for all rescue dogs under the care of One Voice.  The entire staff are dedicated to the care of creatures of all sorts, including dogs, cats, snakes, iguanas, exotic tropical birds and more.  One Voice can always count on getting an emergent dog into their care immediately and they are so amazing in the love and compassion they give to each beating heart that crosses their doors.  This Doctor approaches the care of his patients with a prudence but throroughness, so not to overburden their owner with unneccesary medical expenses and always stand by their word.  They are always pleasantly welcoming of any and all donations called in on behalf of every single dog that One Voice that has brought to their care ~ located in Ahwatukee, Arizona ~  http://www.ahwatukeeanimalcare.com


Lifeline Oro Valley Animal Rescue ~ specializing primarily in those considered by some to be least adoptable ~ including dogs that are feral, senior, sick and injured, as well as those with behavior and fear problems, hospice and mothers with litters, as well as cats that are seniors and bonded pairs ~ located in Southern Arizona ~  http://www.lovar.org


Tootsie’s Vision ~ dedicated to helping blind dogs find safe and happy homes, obtain needed medical care and enjoy stimulating surroundings. With the support of members, community organizations, grantor programs and business partners, they work tirelessly  to build Tootsie’s Vision into a positive force, strongly advocating for blind dogs in the Southwest and throughout the country ~ located in North Central New Mexico ~ https://www.tootsiesvision.org


Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue ~ foster based all size & breed rescue, committed to preventing the unnecessary euthanization and abuse of abandoned and/or abused animals… simply because of their breed, their age, physical disabilities, illnesses or just plain fear ~ located in East Mesa, Arizona ~ http://www.followyourheartanimalrescue.org/about-us


Tiggy Town Dog Rescue & Sanctuary ~ a self-funded rescue for rehabilitation to adoption and a lifetime sactuary for dogs with special needs.  Their specialties focus on those that are blind,  deaf,  crippled, seniors and dogs in late stages of life,  needing hospice care.  Teri Finneren has a heart the size of Kansas and devotes her every waking moment to these ones deserving every ounce of love we all can give.  Tiggy Town works closely with Tootsie’s Vision and One Voice in helping with assistance with newly rescued special needs dogs.  Every donation ~ monetary, food, supplies and medical in nature ~ goes directly into the care of each one in her charge ~  located in Mesa, Arizona ~ fb page:  Tiggy Town Rescue