“Mango” came to us as a young, undernourished boy ~  struggling with a severe case of demodectic mange, comprosmised immunse system and a severed, right, hind leg tendon.   He is such a beautiful, sensitive, sedate, handsome guy, now, at the age of 2.5… having taken his time to heal and grow to be a very cool pittie.  Though healed, Mango’s illness has left his expression to appear to be an aged boy, but he is, in fact, a young, content, happy little 50 pounder guy.

Mango is a hand shaker, and loves to show off his skills or to invite a shake to ensure himself that ‘everything really is ok now’.  Inside the home, he is calm and relaxed and when he goes outside, he comes to life if you are there with him.  He is the first to do a figure 8 chase around the trees with his pack-mates ~of all sizes~ or to entertain himself by tossing soft squeaker toys up behind his back and then chasing them as if they flew off on their own animated adventure, until he chases, catches, does the ‘death shake’ and sends it sailing behind him once again.

Mango requires a family that is calm,  but also energetic emough to take him for walks and exercise him to keep his hind leg joints strenghtened, working his muscles for a strong support.  Because of his compromised immune system, his adoptive family must be mindful of the occasional airborn allergies, the possibility of another mange swell or leg injury… all easy fixes should the need arise.

Mango is very empathic,  in that He gravitates to be close to, as if to provide protection to,  visitors that are elderly, sick or injured, standing close and calm as if to say, “I got this!”, and is front door protective to new visitors and requires additional training in leash walking.

Mango comes with all shots, including the new Bordatella/Liptospirosis combo vaccine, Rabies and DhPP vaccines.  He is microchipped, neutered and ready to go into the most loving environment. Mango is crate trained, doggie door and standing door house trained.  This beautiful creature just goes with the flow and is great with children, dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds.

Adoption fee $100 ~ fees go toward the next rescue dog that will take his place with One Voice needing medical assistance.

For additinal information, offers of donation assistance, or for a private meet and greet within your home, your family and your current pets ~ please contact Karen Nelson by leaving a message here, or at onevoicedogrescue@gmail.com, or feel free to call 602-677-3917.


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